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To enroll in the concierge membership program and learn more about its benefits, please email Chelsea at [email protected]. This is a great opportunity to see if the 365 Surgical concierge program is the right fit for you!

Simply put, we only work with the best. 365 Surgical is invitation only. We selectively partner with exceptional, seasoned surgeons who have performed thousands of surgeries, demonstrate consistently-low readmission rates, receive exceptional reviews from patients, and pass an on-site interview process led by existing 365 surgeons.
As part of the recovery support package, a referral sheet with the contact information for our network of physical therapists will be provided to you.
Unfortunately, your concierge membership fee covers non-medical services, and is therefore not reimbursable through a Health Savings Account (HSA) or Flexible Spending Account (FSA).
Yes, you still need health insurance (unless you are a cash-pay patient) and your concierge membership fee is separate from and not reimbursable through private or governmental insurance.