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Let’s get back
to personalized
care experiences.

We have reimagined the orthopedic surgery and recovery experience for patients and surgeons.
Why We Built 365

365 Surgical
enables our surgeons to get back...

to providing the relationship-based experiences they long to provide, from early care planning through full recovery.
The Problem

We feel it too – practicing medicine is less personal and more hurried every day, so we set out to find a better way

Our Approach

We embedded ourselves for more than six months with a team of elite orthopedic surgeons to build an enhanced care experience from the ground up

Our Approach

We embedded ourselves for more than six months with a team of elite orthopedic surgeons to build an enhanced care experience from the ground up

Our Solution

A less hurried, better informed and more personal experience with pro-active, tech-enabled recovery monitoring


Our Member Services.

Fewer Patients, Less Wait Time & Direct Messaging with your Surgeon and Care Team
Real-Time Remote Recovery Monitoring using Smartwatch
A Dedicated Liaison you can reach out to any time, with any question


Hurried Office Visits & Multi-Month Waits
Limited Feedback during 12-month Rehabilitation

Nobody Available to Answer the “little questions”


Stewardship for

Last-minute requests, in-person or by phone, have been accommodated 100% of the time. As a significant added benefit, I’ve had direct access to Dr. Loucks at times during at-home recovery. I would recommend becoming a Concierge patient to anyone & everyone.

Doug F.

I just wanted to reach out and thank you so much for offering your concierge service. I knew having you as my surgeon was the right choice, but being able to add the concierge service was fantastic. Before the surgery and afterwards, this service gave me peace of mind no matter what the questions were. I am so lucky to have been in your care.

Dana L.


Meet our surgeons.

At 365, we selectively partner with an elite group of leading surgeons. We only partner with surgeons who consistently receive strong recommendations from their peers, pass a surgeon-led interview and site-visit process and have completed surgical residency.

Presley Swann, MD

I am so fortunate to have joined 365 Surgical. I have found I am able to spend more time with my patients – the kind of medicine I watched my father practice. This is the biggest improvement in the orthopedic surgery experience I have seen in decades.

Craig Loucks, MD
I joined 365 Surgical to get back to spending more time with my patients. It is clear to me that more time creates better relationships, which leads to an overall better experience for my patients.

Rob Greenhow, MD, FRCSC
As a surgeon, I understand how healthcare costs and increasing demands impact patient care. With 365 Surgical’s hybrid solution, I can provide personalized care while staying in-network. Patients receive 24/7 availability, longer office visits, and quicker access to dedicated surgery slots.

We expand our impact through philanthropy.

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